Sketch Effect Editor

A few decades back, only the rich had the ability to capture their lives in painting and pictures. But, thanks to the always advancing technology, capturing moments to re-experience them in the future has become not only affordable but also convenient and super-fast. No longer do you have to sit in the same posture for hours to get your picture painted. Now you can take a picture in less than a second with just one click.

Since pictures are the only way to revisit and relive your past, new and improved software is always being developed to improve their quality. There are hundreds of types of software that you can find on the internet, but none can match the quality and variety provided by our software, Creative Kit 2016. It is a bundle of six award-winning, picture-editing applications, including Fx Photo Studio, Focus, Snapheal, Intensify, Tonality, and Noiseless. The kit offers a unique and wide range of features, such as photo sketch effects. These award-winning applications allow you to edit your photos as you have never done in the past. They are powerful, fun and very user-friendly. The kit is developed keeping in mind the needs of a professional photographer.

Creative Kit 2016 is exclusively designed for Mac users. It is a complete package that offers all editing features that will improve your pictures. Let’s have a closer look at each app individually.


Noiseless is an outstanding software that helps you remove noise from your images without affecting the quality of the photos. Its powerful noise-reduction feature is simple and fast. Its batch-processing feature allows you to process multiple images simultaneously. Unlike other noise-reduction software, Noiseless has the ability to make intelligent editing decisions on its own. The three presets—lightest, light and moderate—allow you to determine the amount of noise that you want to reduce. What the best feature of these presets is that they can be controlled even further. People who are more interested in finer details can click on the Adjust tab in the top right corner of the app. You will be astounded by all the modify features that are offered. These features touch every aspect of noise reduction. Regardless of what causes the noise, whether it be light or color, Noiseless can correct it. It has the ability to transform your low light pictures into high light while improving the clarity of the photos.


Snapheal is the world’s most advanced photo healing software for all kinds of pictures. It contains nine amazing removing algorithms that make it very simple and fast to remove the unwanted objects from your photo. You can now remove figures, people and objects from your pictures in no time. The varied selection tools, such as paint, erase and clone, are the reason behind the flexibility of this app. Since Snapheal allows you to adjust the size of the brush, removing objects of any size is very easy. It has also made cloning very simple. Once you click on the clone tool, further features, such as diameter, softness, and opacity, will emerge. These aspects further fine-grain the clone function. Its undo feature let you reverse your mistakes then and there. So, if you have pictures that are awesome but are ruined by some unappealing figures, let Snapheal help you perfect the image.


Intensify has the ability to reveal the hidden beauty of your image. With a broad range of presets, you can create a beautiful, dramatic image in no time. No longer do you have to spend hours on editing to make your photo exciting and catchy. Intensify can make your ordinary shots into something really outstanding, Presets like Architecture, Black & White, Creative, Image Tone, Enhancement and much more make it very easy for even an amateur to convert a picture into something really spectacular. Besides offering the aforementioned pre-defined sets, Intensify provides you with the ability to adjust every aspect of intensifying your image individually. Its gradient tool allows you to put two or more effects in the same picture, i.e., you can see one effect being gradually transitioned over to the other effect.


Tonality is another one of the six great award winning apps. This software is perhaps the most advanced black and white photo editor available for the Mac. The app offers a wide range of features that allows you to edit your pictures to your liking. It was named as the “Editor’s Choice” by Apple. It consists of more than 160 presets, allowing you to explore and pick any that you desire. Features like split toning, grain, emulation and many others convert the timeless style of the classic black and white with today’s technology. With Tonality, you can add drama to your old black and white pictures. It also allows you to adjust the present presets accordingly to your liking.

FX Photo Studio CK

FX Photo Studio is photo editing software that offers a wide range of effects. Among the many effects, the most famous and popular is the sketch photo effect, which allows you to convert any picture into a sketch. You can edit and adjust the aspect of a pencil sketch photo effect to your liking. The app offers more than 200 frames, filters and effects along with thousands of creative and unique styles. Choose any style and make your picture one of a kind.


If you don’t have a specialized lens, but you still want to take pictures that give the effect that they are being taken by a professional camera, then you should use Focus’ high stylized blur, lens and focus effects. These results will convert your ordinary pictures into something really stunning. The one-click portrait enhancement feature allows you to enhance and improve the overall quality and look of your image with just a single click. To create a miniature style effect, or add a sense of movement and action to your photos, you can always use the motion blur, tilt-shift, and custom focus features.