Brush Stroke Effects Editor

You probably know that Photoshop has been around for some time now, and pretty much dominates the photo market. Created back in 1988 by a couple of entrepreneurs, it has pretty much become the standard for editing photos. It has become so embedded in our terminology that like earlier names such as Kodak, people often refer to any computer photographic editing as “photoshopping” it.

While Photoshop does offer a broad and persuasive array of aides to editing your photos, technology has come a long way since 1988.

Photoshop does not come without a price. In addition to the initial outlay for software, you also have to pay a monthly fee.

But today you have alternatives. One of the very best choices available today is a program called Macphun. Created especially for Mac users, Macphun offers a platform that makes all your photo editing needs not only fast but simple as well. After all, we're not all computer gurus!

One particular area at which Madphun excels in in its new brush stroke effects editor. Gone is the complexity of whatever you've been using. Macphun presents a better way. In Preferences, you only have to choose the photo, and there is so much you can do. You can soften skin tone, and you can use the BeFunky app to create a professional photo every time without needing to have a lot of technical savvy or expensive extra-cost software. Take out noise, any problems you see including fuzziness, for example.

Brushstroke images are a snap with your selective coloring brush, full-color palette, and backgrounds you can customize to your taste in color or monochrome along with enhancing the background and foreground to create ever more dramatic color to your creation.

In this age of HD, anything less than a Macphun edited photo will just not suffice. You can quickly add a blur, a vignette, and of course, all your editing tools are there for you: contrast, exposure depth and more. And you can export your images to Photoshop, iPhoto or Aperture if you desire.

And Macphun allows you to become another Rembrandt easily when you print your photo on high-quality canvas.

And aside from your Mac, you can do all this on your iPhone as well, sharing instantly on Facebook, Twitter, and other favorite sites.

Macphun gives you adjustable brushes, one for every need.

Enhanced clarity for a mobile device

A tool that allows you to splash color as desired.

You can also always create and add your unique colors.

With Macphun, you'll move up to an entirely new category of the creative artist when you customize your photos so quickly and easily with all the myriad of tools and easy to use effects at your disposal. You can create a photo on canvas that anyone would believe to be a hand-painted work of art. You can even sign it!

Don't wait! Check out the new Macphun system today! You won't regret it.