Aged Photo Editor

Macphun is an excellent, award-winning tool that you can use to turn any old photo into a real masterpiece. Available for Mac users exclusively, Macphun offers some tools to use that allow you complete control over your photographs. Alone or as a seamless bundle, you can do anything from noise reduction to making funny old photos look like they were taken yesterday. Conversely, you can give any picture, digital or otherwise, that beautiful classic, old photograph texture in minutes

Creative Kit

Creative Kit is an all inclusive bundle that delivers the most powerful photo editing tools right at your fingertips. The aforementioned aged photo effect is just one of the many features available to you, along with focus tools, black and white templates and more. Install the bundle once and receive access to over 400 creative tools, integrated social sharing and full involvement with the new Macphun app, which allows you to move files easily between devices to increase workflow and creativity.

Intensify CK

Let Intensify reveal the hidden, real beauty of your photographs. Many professional-grade presets let you edit to create jaw-dropping images with just a few clicks; you can even edit every single pixel if you so desire with the selective editing tool. The ability to create layers and control each detail and fine contrast make this tool the ultimate way to dictate how dramatic you want your photographs to be. Lighting that would typically serve to make pictures look old is now transformed to make them look more natural, sharp and intricate.

Noiseless CK

Noiseless is a program that allows you to clean up any low light, dingy, aged photo to make it look crisp and fresh again. One click of a mouse is all you need to breathe new life into a photograph riddled with digital noise that might make a picture old in appearance distract from your stunning photograph.

Snapheal CK

Snapheal is the ultimate "healing" application. It allows you to edit out unwanted things from your photos, like people in the background or specs of dust that got in front of your camera lens. Nine separate algorithms work to ensure the spots you touch up are flawless every time.

Tonality CK

Named Editors Choice by Apple and featuring over 160 presets, Tonality is the most advanced black-and-white editor for Macintosh. Split toning, grain, and film emulation give your photos that timeless, old photo texture on every photo you apply it to without sacrificing clarity.

Focus CK

With Focus, you can do exactly what the name suggests: focus on the aspects of the images you want to emphasize. Without the need for special lenses to achieve this, you can use Tonality and all of its lens effects to blur certain areas while bringing others into clear focus. Tonality allows you to use custom focus, motion blur and tilt-shift effects to give your photos the feeling of action and movement. It also brings you facial recognition technology that enables the use of one-click photo enhancements to get the job done.

FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio is your one-stop shop for all things photo effects. At your fingertips, you will have over 200 photographic effects, thousands of creative styles to choose from as well as intriguing frames and filters. This gives you the option to apply Hollywood, Analog, Sketch, Vintage, Grunge and several other aesthetics like an aged photo texture to your photographs. The possibilities are endless; make a picture look old or have it looking as new and flashy as a professional, modern photo shoot.