Photo Editor for Mac

The world of imaging is very competitive but it’s also very expensive. The entry cost is usually very high and this barrier can stop many talented individuals from entering the industry. Most of the famous imaging software are very expensive for freelancers and some of these are subscription basis so even when a designer or editor is not making any money from his software, he is required to pay the subscription fee or else he has to face the risk of being barred from using the software ever again.

On the other hand, the editing software which cost less money has a great degree of variance in quality. One is afraid of spending his hard-earned money on something of poor quality so, in these circumstances, the best way is to use software which offers a free trial. This gives one the confidence that if he or she is not satisfied with the quality of the software then there will be no regrets as no money has been paid. It is also a great point for a software if the creators of the software believe in the quality of their product, it implies that they’ve put in their best efforts to create a product behind which they’re putting all their weight.

We have a list of some of the best editing tools for you mac which you can try for free right now.

Intensify CK

Intensify is one of the most amazing photo editing apps available for mac. It adds a great degree of detail to your outdoor images. Intensify uses proprietary technology to add detail to low contrast images and delivers results which may look even better than the real view. The problem with many of the competitors is that they add noise when they’re trying to add detail to a photo which is something completely missing from Intensify. Intensify improves the sharpness and contrast of the images and it can be easily manipulated by the controls available at your disposal.

FX Photo Studio CK

FX Photo Studio is a single app which puts a ton of functionality at your disposal. It is one app which can compete with the fully-loaded expensive photo editors and deliver high-quality results whether you’re a beginner in photo editing or an expert in the field. It includes one of the largest selection of filters and effects in the industry, in fact, the best feature is the ability to combine multiple filters to create completely new effects.


Not everyone is an expert in the imaging department and often we don’t realize that the images we take when we’re out on a trip with friends and family contain a large number of unwanted objects. Snapheal makes the removal of these extra objects and people from these images a breeze by using proprietary object removal technologies from Macphun. It is perhaps the most simple and easiest ways of fixing all kinds of imperfections in your photos. There are three different erasing modes which are suitable for different conditions, you have the option to select either one depending on the requirements of the project.


Noise is often a big issue in photos especially which are taken in low-light conditions. Noise can ruin some of our best moments spent with friends and family whereas Noiseless by Macphun is one of the best solutions designed to make your photos grain-free which allows you to look your best. This takes the fear away from taking photographs in certain light conditions. The algorithm which works behind the scenes is highly smart as it only identifies the noise and doesn’t ruin or remove anything other than the noise itself. The image quality is flawless down to the last pixel.


Colors are a big part of our lives but they’re not everything and there are times when black and white photos can leave a more lasting impression. Tonality by Macphun puts over a hundred tools at your disposal to add detail to your black and white photos. There are features like Shadow Recovery and Clarity which add great detail to the photographs. There are more than 160 presets which have been designed and developed by professionals in the industry. Apart from the presets which are included with the software, there are dozens which can be easily downloaded from the internet.


Focus is another great software from Macphun which is a great tool in the hands of editors as it can save them a lot of time and effort needed to bring an object or a person in focus in a sea of objects and people. There are many different effects which you can use for example you can create selective focus or lens blur with a few simple clicks. This software removes the need for the purchase of expensive hardware for the creation of effects related to the lens. The attention Focus brings on your subject is done in an artistic fashion. Even though you can bring the focus to one particular part of the image with a few clicks but there are many options available at your disposal if you wish to choose them.

Filters for Photos

Macphun is one of the most respected names when it comes to photo editing software on Mac. They’ve designed Filters for Photos for the mac users who’re new to the editing world but they’re tech savvy and love to share good photos from some of the most memorable events in their life. There are 30 filters which Macphun is giving for free in this app and the beauty is that you have the choice to use this as either a standalone app or you can install this as an extension in the latest version of Photos app on your Mac.

These are some of the best apps for your mac which you can try for free, as soon as you want, to get a feel of the extensive features which are provided by these apps before you choose to part with your money.